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Cocktail of the Week: Raspberry Gin & Tonic
12 Nov 2021

Our head honcho Sales Specialist, Rav, is back once again with a simple cocktail recipe that will keep you busy this weekend. This week, we looked to the ultra-gory battle royale themed Netflix series, Squid Game, for inspiration. 

Cocktail of the Week: Smokehead Espresso
02 Nov 2021

Rav, our top dog Sales Specialist turned Asiaeuro mixologist, has created a powerhouse cocktail featuring Smokehead's Islay Single Malt Whisky.

Fine & Rare: Asiaeuro's Balblair Single Cask
21 Oct 2021

Matured patiently for 16 years in Balblair's cask number 235 and limited to 270 bottles in the world, the dark amber whisky that boasts of crisp fruity flavours was specially hand-picked by Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits Singapore for it's 5th Anniversary.

Benefits of Drinking Whisky
11 Oct 2021

An alcoholic beverage that’s revered by generations of social drinkers seeking to slip into their element, whisky/whiskey remains a favorite passage to a state of soothing relaxation for many.

Introduction to Sake Workshop - Saito
04 Oct 2021

A recap of what went down during World Sake Day at SDH Institute. 

The different types of alcohol - A Short Read for Newbies
03 Oct 2021

For centuries, alcoholic drinks have been part of cultures around the world to bring people together. With its rich cultural significance and history, we keep on exploring how to make more kinds of alcoholic beverages that people can enjoy.

Kanpai at Furama RiverFront
06 Sep 2021

The recap of Furama RiverFront's 'Kanpai' event featuring our very own Saito and Kaicho products.

5 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine
06 Sep 2021

A lot of people tend to be wary to try out wine for themselves. Aside from socialization and satiating the taste buds, its benefits on our health is often overlooked.

Sake in Japanese Food
06 Sep 2021

If you prefer eating Japanese food more than drinking Japanese alcoholic beverages, then scroll down and enjoy these interesting tips on how you can enjoy sake besides gulping it down.